ARMANTI “MONEY” EDWARDS grew up dreaming of playing quarterback for a big-time college football program. His father, FREDDIE EDWARDS, always told Armanti that he shouldn’t let his small size guide his life; that he should "Find a way." Believing that his son would one day make someone a lot of money some day, he gave Armanti the nickname, "Money."


Even though he eventually gets the opportunity to quarterback his hometown high school team, Armanti finds his dreams crushed when no major college programs recruit him at the position he loves. Meanwhile, Freddie, who has been his biggest supporter, is charged in the shooting death of a man who refused to leave his property.


Seeing these events as a sign he is not destined to play football, Armanti is about to give up when COACH JERRY MOORE, from Appalachian State (a small school in the Great Smokey Mountains) offers him a full football scholarship. Although Coach Moore does not promise him the quarterback position, Armanti accepts the challenge to fight for the starting job. 

Armanti soon discovers that earning the starting quarterback position will be more difficult than he expected as he must beat out not one, but two former championship winning quarterbacks. In the midst of Armanti’s struggle to win the starting quarterback job, Freddie is surprisingly convicted of murder and sentenced to 35 years in prison.


Now imprisoned, there's little chance that Freddie will ever see his son play. Armanti is inconsolable and once again questions his future in football. After some self-destructive acting out, Armanti finds his way again through the guidance of his loving mother, MISS DEBORAH ANDERSON, the fatherly Coach Moore and a cast of brotherly teammates.  

Armanti rededicates himself, becoming App State’s starting quarterback. But the biggest challenge of his young career lies ahead in the form of the University of Michigan - the most successful football program in college football history - when they invite the lower division Mountaineers to play them in their own "Big House." But before Armanti can fulfill his father's prophecy and win this big "Money Game", he must first learn to trust his teammates so that, together, they can take down Goliath.

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